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4 Critical Roles of Saliva in Keeping You Healthy Saliva plays essential roles in ensuring your mouth stays healthy. Saliva is more than just a liquid in the mouth. Saliva is a mixture of water, mucus, mineral, enzymes, and proteins that are important in maintaining the health of your mouth. Saliva is viewed by many people as just a lubricant in the mouth. Here are the essential responsibilities of saliva as part of your immune system. Providing protection to the teeth and the gum
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Saliva contains proteins, called immunoproteins, and some minerals that help in fighting bacteria in the mouth. This assist in preventing gum diseases and tooth decay. Saliva also helps in preventing bad smell which can invite bacteria into your mouth.
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Keeping artificial teeth together There are a lot of issues that are brought by age. Some people use artificial teeth to replace the lost one. Another important role of saliva is that it helps in keeping artificial teeth together and in the right place in the mouth. Saliva assists in fighting germs and bacteria that could be brought by the use of artificial teeth. Lubricating Saliva enables the mouth and tongue move with ease. Saliva enables you to talk and eat without difficulties by lubricating the mouth. Keeping the mouth fresh Saliva is necessary for washing away any food particles that may be left in the mouth. This assists in keeping the mouth clean. Also, while the saliva sweeps away any left food in the mouth, it balances the pH level in the mouth. Preventing dry mouth Not having enough saliva in the mouth can result in a condition known as xerostomia. Saliva prevents this condition. Xerostomia usually, affects the elderly because saliva amount decreases with age. Some of the symptoms of xerostomia include feeling like your tongue is swollen or developing difficulties in swallowing. Dry mouth welcomes bacteria and germs in your mouth. It can raise the possibility of having teeth and gum infections. Apart from age xerostomia can also come as a result of medication, smoking, dehydration or some disorders such as prolonged diabetes which can affect your general health. Some remedies to this condition include drinking a lot of water regularly and chewing sugar-free gums. You should visit a dentist immediately after you start realizing signs of xerostomia as this is a serious disease. Saliva has very important responsibility in keeping you healthy. It is always important to ensure your mouth doesn’t stay dry for a long time. Not having enough saliva can lead to diseases and invasion of your mouth by micro-organisms. A regular check-up will help you in preventing bacterial infection in the mouth. There is a good number of dentists you can seek professionals treatment from. It is, however, advisable to consult a professional dental doctor in order to prevent any further complications.